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J Concepts - Wash Brush w/ Mounting Screws, Black - Hobby Recreation Products

J Concepts - Wash Brush w/ Mounting Screws, Black

$ 6.80 $ 8.00
SKU: JCO24982
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This 100% purpose built brush was designed by JConcepts with the racer's needs in mind, including the all important touch of the proper bristle. However, perhaps even more clever, is the inclusion of hole locations so the brush can be attached or bolted to a desired surface or area.
It's common to attach a brush to a re-sealable bucket for repeated pit use; however, it's difficult to attach the brush. This product eliminates the hassle by including the properly built R/C brush with hardware and o-rings in each package. Molded black in color with JC logo for authenticity, the wash brush is a no-brainer item for the pits and around the track, home and pit area.
  • Innovative design, durable material
  • Screw mount locations for secure mounting
  • Includes o-rings and hardware
  • Grippy handle design
  • Measures 123mm x 63mm