J Concepts - Motor and Rotor Box w/ Foam Liner, Black

J Concepts

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SKU: JCO24972

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The best organized, best prepared racers are typically the ones reaching for that top step of the podium. JConcepts has reached into their bag of tricks to help racers with organization. The motor & rotor box includes plenty of space for assembled motors, individual rotors, and a pocket for miscellaneous motor tuning items.

Inside, the box is roomy enough for three assembled motors and cushioned with high-impact foam that allows your items to lay in a bed-like a cradle. Five areas house rotors, and the pocket at the end provides all-important extra storage. The foam insert material has a grabby feel that keeps a firm grip on your items. The custom built storage box, molded black in color, has JConcepts.net logo for authenticity, and built-in plastic latch for easy open and close operation.

Note: rotors are extremely magnetic and setting them in the cradle can be tricky. Enter and remove with ease and patience and maintain separation until they are resting in their individual cradles.


  • Innovative design, durable material
  • Fits, three assembled motors, five rotors
  • Miscellaneous storage pocket
  • High-impact and steady foam cradle
  • Finger tip and grip access
  • Handy, built-in latch