J Concepts - RC10B2 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower

J Concepts

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The RC10B2, one of the most popular RC vehicles in the mid 1990's, has a new carbon fiber shock tower option. The stock vehicle comes standard with a twin up-right unit which carries all the original geometry, however, it lacks the pizzazz, strength, and appearance that the JConcepts tower can provide. The JConcepts front shock tower features a connected tower design with an "X" center, giving that all important strength. The tower includes reinforced areas, adding strength. This, along with the improved material, creates a more rigid feel, increasing the response in the front-end.

At the center of the X pattern, JC is machined for authenticity and a show of brand loyalty. The inner and outer perimeter has a chamfered edge.


  • Reinforcement X centered design for strength
  • Original geometry with machined logo
  • 2.5mm genuine Carbon Fiber material
  • Improves rigidity over stock components