J Concepts - Rear Ball Stud Mount, for B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1, Blue

J Concepts

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SKU: JCO24091

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Extra beefy, security, and precision are the best ways to describe this rear ball-stud mount for the Team Associated B6.1/B6.1D/T6.1/SC6.1 vehicles. The rear ball-stud mount is under a tremendous amount of stress in today's racing atmosphere. After many months of testing and race tuning, JConcepts has applied what they learned to make a couple advancements to this mount.
Durability has been put to the test with difficult race circuits, and especially with the introduction of the 6.1 generation of Team Associated vehicles. JConcepts has added thickness around the screw mounting holes, thickened the main connection "U-brace", and for twisting and bending resistance, added a thick rib from the main body to the screw location boss. When it comes to a ball-stud mount with adjustability and durability, look no further than JConcepts.


  • CNC-machined, aluminum
  • Standard 3 holes for performance tuning options
  • Heavy-duty, peace of mind performance
  • Blue anodized with chamfered silver edging