J Concepts - Finish Line Quick Access Nitro Pit Bag, for Misc. Nitro Pit

J Concepts

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SKU: JCO2230

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A racer can never have enough organization in the pit area, and JConcepts has you covered. This multi-purpose pit bag has a multitude of compartments and closures, and a foam wrapped metal handle. The bag features 2 locations where a drawstring compartment can store a typical fuel bottle, and each bag has a heavy covering of woven fabric sewn over to create the glamourous look.

The inner floor features composite flaps allowing the bag to drop and pop between storage and use configurations. On the back side is a business card or identification holder so racers can mark their territory in and out of the pits. JConcepts imagery and logos are embroidered on the side of the bag for authenticity.


  • Two composite inner flaps for sturdiness
  • Durable metal handle with foam covering
  • A multitude of inner compartments and closures
  • Heavy JConcepts imagery and embroidered logos
  • Business card or identification holder on back