J Concepts - A2R A-One Racer 2, 190mm Touring Car Clear Body

J Concepts

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The JConcepts team is back with a follow-up on successful touring car bodies to release the A2R, and now the ROAR approved body is ready for production release. The body has fundamental differences necessary for race starting straight-aways in the front-end area. The shrunken front-end is considerably laid-back, shortening the nose, and allowing the force to be placed over the front tires.

A-pillar rails extend over the hood for some air deflection straight over the nose, and to strengthen the front wheel well area. The front windshield is tucked back inside the rails and connected to the aggressive roofline, giving the A2R its distinctive shape. Behind the front wheel well and in front of the rear wheel well is a definitive edge that strengthens the openings and provides better race posture. A hard edge runs along the bottom of the rocker-panel, providing more front to rear rigidity.

Moving to the rear section of the body, the trunk area has plenty of deck overhang. The rear overhang is a critical part of the body which controls down-force, and provides the placement for the rear wing. A small kick-up, or built-in spoiler at the tail end of the body helps stabilize the car at high-speed. To complete the look, the bubbled roof profile allows the body to blast through high-speed sections of the track.

Included in each body set is a JConcepts A-One decal sheet, and paint mask for all windows. The rear wing option is light-weight and high-downforce, with separate side-dams for the ultimate stability. To attach the rear wing, 3mm mounting hardware and plastic nuts are included to complete the assembly.

Body is sold clear. Shown painted and mounted for display purposes only.


  • JConcepts, A2R design, fit, and function
  • Laid-back front-end, extended A-pillar rails
  • Minimally structured roofline
  • Deck over-hang with blended wing stanchions
  • Rear wing option included with side-dams
  • 3mm wing mounting hardware with plastic light-weight nuts
  • JConcepts A-One decal sheet with window mask
  • ROAR approved body