J Concepts - L8D Decked 10.25" Wide 1/10 Late Model Body, w/ Rear Super Spoiler

J Concepts

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Late model vehicles are among the highest class of stock car vehicles in the United States, and specialize in wheel to wheel racing while bringing the crowd to its feet. In the radio control world, JConcepts is a leader in aero force development, and the latest project, the L8D body, is a combination of knowhow, experience, driver testing, and advanced concepts.

The 10" wide body is capable of a drop-fit on an assortment of Late Model chassis. The body styling starts up front with a heavily dropped nose pointing the vehicle in the correct direction. Super tall "power rails" line the front fenders, allowing corner tracking stability. The "deck" treatment starts with a mock driver cockpit, then multiple cut-in louvers strengthen the deck.

The separate offset cab bolts into position with included hardware, and with its open windshield and rear window design, provides high-speed stability. The windows can be left in place, made clear with included window masks for added deflection and to strengthen the cab.

The flat rear deck incorporates indented channels promoting flow upward to the large rear spoiler and side-dams. The innovative side-panels of the body feature recessed sections, which accomplishes a multitude of design goals. First, the side pockets increase the rigidness of the panel giving one of the highest aero elements of the body stability at speed and in risky maneuvering situations. Increased resiliency also works to minimize body tucking and helps maintain clearance from wheel well to tire.

Included in each package, the pre-trimmed rear spoiler is one of the most trick items on the market. The slotted side-dams feature 3 positions of adjustment for the rear spoiler angle. The rear spoiler is cut, bent and ready to position on the back of the body with the included 9 pieces of light-weight hardware.

The high-performance JConcepts body shell includes clear main-body and detached and separate cab with trim-able windows. High-quality window mask, and instruction and decal sheets.


  • Inspired design, purpose built, JConcepts
  • Pending DODC approval
  • Dropped nose, "power rails" and pocket panels
  • Separated, offset cab with recessed windows for easy trim
  • Flat rear deck with indented channels
  • Adjustable super spoiler, pre-cut, with hardware
  • Specifications:

  • Length: 21.375" long (543mm)
  • Leading edge of front wheel opening: 10.5" (267mm)
  • Trailing edge of front wheel opening: 10.5" (267mm)
  • Rear wheel opening: 10" (254mm) Height: 4.375" (111mm)