J Concepts - P2K B6.1 Buggy Body w/ Aero Wing, Light Weight

J Concepts

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An evolution of the P2 body, the "K" was made more sleek by removing rear down-force features,allowing the buggy to turn on carpet and AstroTurf surfaces where traction is always plentiful. The entire center section of the cab on the P2K has a channel based design that flows air directly over the middle of the vehicle to stabilize high-speed handling.

The P2K drops over the plastic spur gear cover on the B6.1. Rear louvers can always be customer trimmed for a slight amount of heat escape. No JConcepts body is complete without a proper rear wing, so the C|A high-clearance rear wing is included (2pc.). Each body shell includes a decal sheet, and window masks.

Sold clear. Shown painted for display purposes only.


  • P2 to P2K design and technology
  • Cab forward treatment with pocket front window.
  • Reduced rear down-force for high-grip handling and pin-point accuracy.
  • Center channeled roof for high-speed stability.
  • Includes C|A rear high-clearance wing - 2pc.
  • Includes decal sheet and window mask.
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