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J Concepts - J21-Team Associated F6 Body-Lightweight - Hobby Recreation Products

J Concepts - J21-Team Associated F6 Body-Lightweight

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Formula One cars are the fastest road course racing cars in the world, owing to very high cornering speeds achieved through the generation of large amounts of aerodynamic down force. The concentration of design aspects include a tight fit around the front suspension and main chassis shape. The J21, fits like a top-shelf race body including coverage over the motor and rear axle. The bottom-plate is inventive and helps rear down force in a way that lends itself to a modern design. The driver compartment is low-profile with the driver tucked away for the quickest stance possible. The driver helmet is formed separately providing a light-weight alternative to heavy injected molded plastic used on other models. The design allows for easy painting and detailing of the helmet while the cockpit is accessible enough for decals. Behind the drivers helmet, stands the upper cooling engine scoop which transforms into a large stabilizing fin for added tracking ability. The side-pods feature under-cutting and recessed areas for vent cut-outs or adding included decals. The entire body packs one of the most sleek looks in class while bolstering a super low-profile design making it highly attractive as a racer. A complete J21 Javelin decal sheet is included for maximum exposure and detailing for the ultimate in show and go.

Body is sold clear. Shown painted for display purposes only.
  • Low-profile, tight and sleek design
  • Bottom-plate addition for added force
  • Deep, drivers cockpit
  • Light-weight drivers helmet
  • Upper stabilizing fin
  • Recessed areas for vents or decals