J Concepts - HF2 SCT Body- Light-weight material, low-profile body

J Concepts

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JConcepts has slammed the roof on the HF2 giving racers the ability to push the limit even more than before. Effectively lowering the CG on an SCT truck is a huge advantage and once combined with optional light-weight materials, drivers can feel more confidence inspiring performance "straight outta the package."

Full rear opening capability just behind the cab releases trapped air in the most crucial of areas. Larger and more open louvers near the tail end of the bed lend a helping hand while the front fender flares and lower windshield area maintain the tune-ability with trim lines for user preference.

The wheel wells are an area of focus on the HF2 body with an edgier appeal and pronounced flare to them. The openings allow for more tire clearance throughout suspension travel and also provide a little release of air during high-speed cornering. The rear number plates have been updated to accommodate the lower roof line and also detailed for appearance.

Body posts pre-marked for SC5M and 22SCT 2.0. Includes Hi-Flow decal sheet, hardware and window mask.

Body comes clear, ready for paint

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