J Concepts - Aero Rear Wing Center Divider 2 pc

J Concepts

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The center wing divider is simple, yet effective and together with wings like the Aero, can provide additional stability and performance needed. The center divider has built-in adjustments that allow the driver to alter the height in order to match conditions at hand.

Simply trim the item to the cut-lines shown, align to one of several JConcepts Aero wings and ream holes to mount directly to the wing already placed on the vehicle. The part is light-weight and features the JConcepts leading edge wing chamfer which match existing side-dams. Special consideration has been made to line-up with the Aero wing including a hard bevel on the base for better fitment and more air channeling.

Pictured wing is not included.

  • JConcepts style, function
  • Versatile design, increased stability
  • Multiple cut-lines for tuning
  • Durable material
  • Two pieces included per package