Hobbywing - XRotor 1408 Race Pro Motor, Blue (3750kv)


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The Hobbywing Xrotor 1106 Race Pro motor has been designed for 90/110mm FPV racing drones.The ultra-thin (0.15mm) silicon steel laminations, combined with the NbFeB magnets, and the innovative magnetic circuit design guarantee strong power, swift acceleration, rapid response, and high efficiency.
  • The 1106 motor has been developed to push the limits of durability while remaining extremely lightweight, it weighs only 6.9g (w/o wires).
  • High quality 6061 aluminum and high-precision CNC machining technology produce improved strength and axial concentricity.
  • The high quality Japanese NSK bearings are the best available, providing longer life, lower noise, and improved overall tolerances.
  • Ultra-thin (0.15mm) silicon steel laminations are used to manufacture the stators. This high quality material improves overall efficiency.
  • Using the strongest, and most heat resistant NbFeB magnets ensure maximum torque under load, and excellent consistency across the motor's operating range.


  • Lipo Cell: 3S
  • No-Load Current(A/11.1v): 0.9A
  • Motor Resistance: 93m
  • Max Cont. Current (30s): 9.35A
  • Max Cont. Power (30s): 112.6W

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