Hitec - MD485HW Standard Composite Gear Digital Servo, .15sec/103oz @ 7.4v


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SKU: HRC40485S

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The MD485HW was developed for the industrial market where precision is key. It is the only servo in its class to offer a magnetic positioning sensor instead of a traditional potentiometer, which is much less precise and can wear over time. Combine this with the 32bit D-series circuit with 4096 step resolution and zero backlash Karbonite gears, and this servo will allow your cars' wheels to center perfectly and track straight down the strip every time. Tracking straighter means faster times! Extensively tested by Team Hitec drivers, the MD485MW has proven itself to work just as good or better than servos costing many times more.

Ideal Performance for all 1/10th Scale Vehicles.

Programmable Functions:
-End Point Adjustments
-Fail Safe
-Dead Band
-Speed (Slower)
-Soft Start Rate
-Overload Protection
-Data Save / Load
-Program Reset


  • High Resolution 32-bit Programmable Digital Circuit
  • PWM or TTL Protocol Capability
  • Magnetic Encoder Position Sensor
  • Wide Operating Voltage (4.8 ~ 7.4V)
  • Heavy-Duty, Long Life Motors
  • IP65 Rated Cases
  • Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.50"
  • Weight: 1.59oz
  • Weight: 45.0g