Hot Racing - Aluminum Heavy Duty Big Bore Shocks (2), 100mm

Hot Racing

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Optional Big Bore shock Set of for the Traxxas and most Off Road truck using 100mm shock.
CNC Aluminum Big Bore Cylinder Construction Anodized Silver in Color Fully Assembled (requires shock oil) Heavy Duty Dual Rate Springs Heavy Duty 3.5mm Shock Shafts
Two Assembled Aluminum shock Two M3x20mm flat head screw Two M3x18mm cap head screw Two 3mm Countersunk Washer Two 5.9 hollow ball Four 1.5mm thick spacers. Four 3mm thick spacers
Filling shocks with shock oil and assembling onto the model. - can be used on any vehicle with the correct mounting hardware
Replace Traxxas Big Bore EX Long Shock TRA2661, 3762, 3762A, 2662 length: 105mm (4-1/8 inch) (not compressed) Mounting point 100mm (4 inch) diameter: 19mm (3/4 inch) Steel Shock Shaft 3.5mm Spring 1.54mm wire Dual rate 13 Turn
Accept optional Shock boot if need. Can be use with this Hot Racing Spring SLF63FS261 SLF63MR268 SLF63RS286 Must Bleeding the shock, 1) If the shock shaft push out more the 6mm(1/4 ). 2) If you can not push the shock shaft all the way in. THERE IS TOO MUCH OIL. Loosen the cap a half turn put the shock shaft in to pump out the excessive amount of oil Tips Make sure oil are fill to the top with no air in the oil and when Screw down the cap the shock shaft should be about 3 to 4mm out.