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Hot Racing - Remote Reservoir Internal Spring Shocks, 100mm - Hobby Recreation Products

Hot Racing - Remote Reservoir Internal Spring Shocks, 100mm

$ 33.88 
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100mm internal spring air damper shock set with piggyback reservoirs for rock crawlers or other custom projects.

- Two (2) assembled piggyback shocks
- Two (2) gold (soft) main shock springs
- Two (2) black (medium) main shock springs
- Two (2) silver (stiff) main shock springs
- Two (2) gold (soft) reservoir springs
- Two (2) black (medium) reservoir springs
- Two (2) silver (stiff) reservoir springs
- Two (2) 4.8mm ball mounts
- Two (2) 5.8mm ball mounts
- Mounting hardware
  • Adjustable piggyback air reservoir with internal spring, adjustable preload, and internal piston
  • Shock has air damping: minimal lubricant is needed for smooth shock action
  • Machined aluminum, black anodized shock bodies, silver anodized upper shock cap & black anodized lower shock cap with shock shaft guide
  • Precision machined 7mm stainless steel shock shaft for durability
  • Double o-ring lower shaft seal
  • Internal springs with three rates included: Gold (soft), Black (medium), Silver (stiff)
  • Extended center to center length: 100mm (3.9 inch)
  • Compressed center to center length: 68mm (2.7 inch)
  • Overall length: 108mm (4.3 inch)
  • Body diameter: 13mm (0.5 inch)
  • Shaft diameter: 7mm (0.3 inch)