Hot Racing - 43/13 Tooth Differential Ring/Pinion Underdrive Gear Set for Axial AX10, Wraith, Ridgecrest

Hot Racing

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- Precision machined helical spiral cut gears offer inherently greater strength and smooth operation than the factory bevel cut gears
- High carbon steel construction
- Stronger than the stock bevel-cut zinc cast gears
- 43T/13T provides 13% gear reduction (vs stock 38T/13T) to increase available torque to ground


- One (1) 43 tooth diff spiral cut ring gear
- One (1) 13 tooth spiral cut pinion gear

- One M3x2.5x11mm (Axial AXA0175 or Hot Racing SSP311) or M3x2.5x12mm (Axial AXA176) screw shaft for driveshaft attachment
- Do not use the stock M3x3mm setscrew (Axial AXA180), if originally equipped.
- Medium threadlock (blue threadlocking compound) if screws are threaded into metal
- Hot Racing SPL10G05 high temp grease recommended

- Replaces Axial AX30392 38/13T bevel-cut zinc cast gears
- Hot Racing gear set options include: SWRA9364 (36T/14T overdrive ratio), SWRA9383 (38T/13T stock ratio), SWRA9433 (43T/13T underdrive ratio)