Hot Racing - +5mm S2 Spring Steel Portal Drive Stub Axles, for Traxxas TRX-4

Hot Racing

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Hot Racing +5mm wide track S2 hardened spring steel portal drive stub axles for the Traxxas TRX-4. These add 5mm to the track width on each side of the vehicle to add stability over rough terrain, increase steering clearance, and increase tire selection options.

- Replaces Traxxas: portal drive stub axle (8255)
- Hot Racing portal drive stub axle options include: STRXF39 (stock length), STRXF39W05 (+5mm length), STRXF39W10 (+10mm length)


  • Increases width of vehicle by 5mm on each side
  • Increases stability
  • Increases steering clearance
  • Increases tire selection
  • CNC machined S2 hardened spring steel axle
  • Aluminum +5mm spacer, blue anodized
  • Upgrades stock axles or provides a replacement for worn or damaged shafts
  • Fits front or rear