Hot Racing - Powerup Bi-Directional Clutch Kit


This is a Bi-directional clutch with a full convex design for smooth maximum surface engagement. This clutch has the largest engagement surface area more than any 2, 3 or 4 shoe clutch on the market. It uses a 2 oval spring design to allow High RPM for maximum clutch engagement power.
Bi-directional design allows full engagement of entire shoe surface CNC machined to exact tolerances 31mm outer diameter for quick throttle Precision balanced no steel pin are added Double-spring system to handling high power engine
one flywheel collet two Power up Bi-directional 7075 aluminum clutch shoes blue aluminum flywheel
simple hand tools for installation For use with Revo, T-Maxx, SporT-Maxx, Nitro Rustler, and Nitro Stampede.

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