Hot Racing - Black Chrome 3D Truck Dangler Balls, Bull Nuts


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RC Truck 3D Danglers Balls Truck Nuts
Black chrome plating finish 3D image can be show on both side 1/10 scale trucks and crawlers
One RC Truck 3D Danglers Balls Bull Nuts
length: 55.5 mm (2.19 ) width: 38.1 mm (1.5 ) Thickness : 12.8mm (0.5 )
Installation onto vehicle Comment This Danglers Balls Truck Nuts also make a great addition to a key chain for those that want to show off their balls all the time! Dirty Danglers are not sold with mounting hardware so a separate chain or split ring will be needed. Additionally, it can be made into a necklace charm for a great gag gift. Let your pride hang low, real low, you will be the one with balls enough to show these heavy metal 3D Dangler Balls Truck Nuts off!

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