HPI Racing - HPI RF-50N Receiver

HPI Racing

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The RF-50N from HPI-Racing is a great match for the HPI 2.4Ghz TF-41 and TF-50 series transmitters. Simply bind and drive and have fun with your friends thanks to crystal-free 2.4GHz technology

The RF-50N receiver has been designed with nitro and gas vehicles in mind. It not only has the Signal failsafe function in common with RF-50 but also has a Low-Voltage failsafe which is essential for Nitro and Gas vehicles! Should the radio link ever fail for some reason, or the on board battery voltage become too low, the radio will instantly switch the throttle channel to its failsafe position, which you can set to full brake for a nitro vehicle.

Its tiny size is just 35x26mm and only 16mm high, and it's extremely light weight of just 11.5 grams means it won't affect the weight balance, no matter where it's installed.

The RF-50N's PCB features its own silicone jacket within the hardcase outer for waterproof protection for a true go-anywhere RC experience, allowing you to drive in mud, rain, and snow! And with failsafe protection, you have peace of mind no matter what RC vehicle you drive!


  • Waterproof RF-50N receiver, works with HPI TF-41 and TF-50 transmitters
  • Digital Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 2.4GHz technology
  • Simple radio binding steps
  • Adjustable built-in Signal loss and Low-Voltage failsafe
  • Run your HPI kit with other drivers without worrying about frequencies!
  • 3rd channel plug can be used for a LED light controller, winch, etc., or power a personal transponder
  • Ideal for Nitro and Gas RC vehicles which are using 6V Receiver battery packs