HPI Racing - SC-3SWP2 Waterproof ESC With T-Plug

HPI Racing

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If you've got plenty of power to strap into your RC, you can count on the SC-3SWP2 to handle it: able to handle LiPo power of 2S and 3S or between 5 and 9 NiMH cells, this speedo can handle just about anything can you fit into the chassis! Of course, a safety cut-off is fitted to protect your LiPo batteries.

The SC-3SWP2 is great for all kinds of 1/10th scale vehicles:

touring cars
Mini racers
desert buggies
vintage touring cars
stadium trucks
short course trucks
desert trucks


2S or 3S LiPo with voltage protection
5-9 cell NiMH or NiCd
Suitable for all types of 1/10th scale vehicles

Forward Continuous Current: 60A
Forward Burst Current: 360A
Reverse Continuous Current: 230A
Reverse Burst Current: 180A
Input: 2-3S LiPo, 5-9 cell NiMH/NiCd
Applications: 1/10 on-road, off-road buggy, short course truck, truggy, crawler, tank, boat
Motor Limit: 2S LiPo or 6 cell NiMH: 540 or 550-size motor great than or equal to 12 turn, RPM over 30,000 at 7.2v
Motor Limit: 3S LiPo or 9 cell NiMH: 540 or 550-size motor great than or equal to 18 turn, RPM over 20,000 at 7.2v
Resistance: FWD 0.001 Ohm, BWD 0.002 Ohm
PWM Frequency: 1 KHz
BEC: 6V/3A
Dimensions: 36.5x32x18mm
Weight: 39g