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HPI Racing - Nitro Star F5.9 Engine With Pullstart - Hobby Recreation Products

HPI Racing - Nitro Star F5.9 Engine With Pullstart

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SKU: HPI117259
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The F5.9 engine is a huge powerplant with eye-opening acceleration and ground-tearing amounts of torque, capable of powering your Savage up to ludicrous speeds. With nearly 4hp on tap, it really is true that there's no replacement for displacement!

The F5.9 engine is started by an easy pullstarter system, with a one-way bearing encased in a large 14mm hex for increased durability. If you want to upgrade to even simpler engine starting, just install the F-Series HPI Roto Start engine starting system for push-button mechanical engine starting.

The F5.9 will fit right into any 1/8th scale big-block chassis, such as the Trophy buggy or truggy, or the Savage X, for awesome wheelie action and roost-tossing wheelspins!


  • Glow Plug: Cold R5 (HPI #1504)
  • Displacement: 5.9cc
  • Bore: 20.98 mm
  • Stroke: 17 mm
  • Power: 3.76 PS
  • Carburetor: 8.5mm