Gmade - GS01 Sawback Sports Kit


The new Sawback sports with GS01 Chassis is the latest edition of the Sawback vehicle. This new kit features a realistic new rollcage with light buckets on top of the rollcage and the front bumper. It also features some new wheels and tires. The NR01 black beadlock set is wrapped in the new, larger diameter MT-1902 tires.

Other features of the Sawback line include realistic leaf spring suspension, locked solid axles, a steel c-channel frame with a low cg adjustable battery tray design, and a detailed interior with a realistic folding windsheild.

Once the build is complete just paint the clear body your favorite color, add your electronics gear and hit your favorite trails.

Width: 220mm
Height: 270mm
Length: 442mm
wheel base: 287mm

Ground clearance: 64mm
Weight (without electronics): 1.9 kg

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