Exotek Racing - F1 Ultra CW 1/10 Formula Chassis Kit, with Carpet Works Conversion

Exotek Racing

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Exotek's world famous F1Ultra F1 race kit is now combined in this package with the CW (Carpet Works) chassis set for maximum performance on carpet tracks. The weight forward design enhances corner speeds by moving the servo forward and running the battery inline for more front tire bite. The modular chassis design allows you to position the battery for optimal weight placement depending on traction because not all tracks are the same.

The thicker 2.5mm 1 piece carbon chassis is also lighter for more responsiveness, while resisting tweak and bending that the alloy F1 chassis can experience on small indoor tracks.

In addition to the CW chassis set this package includes the original F1Ultra components, proven excellent for outdoor lower traction asphalt tracks.

Shown assembled. Battery and servo shown are not included.


  • Patented floating rear pod suspension system. Provides unmatched rear traction needed for rubber tire F1 racing.
  • Extra narrow chassis (only 72mm wide) for improved ground clearance and faster corner speeds
  • Ultra smooth sealed micro shocks for maintenance free rear pod tuning and only 3.8gr each including the oil!
  • Micro shocks includes 3 tuning spring sets for low, medium and high grip tracks
  • Chassis mounted, lightweight rear wing mount. Simple and elegant design that increases the overall rear grip
  • Extra long, heavy duty no flex side links. The longest links of any F1 car provides less rear pod angling (less rear bump steer) as the rear tires travel up and down for improved high speed consistency