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Exotek Racing - F1 1/10 Rear Rubber Tires, 36X, Yellow-Medium

$ 18.95 $ 24.95
SKU: EXO2118
Exotek is proud to release our first entry into the 1/10 F1 tire segment!

Designed 100% from the ground up, and taking cues from the new full size F1 wheel disk regulations, we have taken all of the best elements of RC F1 tires from the past and engineered them into the ultimate F1 rubber tire and wheel set up.

On top of that we have contracted to have these produced by the premier RC rubber touring car tire factory in Japan, using premium touring car rubber compounds and nylon for wheels.

Our rear tires are designed with a wide profile for maximum contact patch and forward bite while the sidewalls are designed for 'compliance' for greatly improved side bite compared to 'stiff' sidewalls of other designs- essentially the best of both worlds for greatly improved overall traction on low and medium grip surfaces.

The special tire and wheel bead design also aids in side bite and compliance by minimizing the overly stiff sidewalls of other designs, thanks to the low-profile glue beads.

To top it off, special heavy duty nylon wheel decals are included for that finishing scale look!