Exotek Racing - CB6 Carpet Chassis Conversion Set for B6.3, 7075 Chassis

Exotek Racing

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As indoor tracks transition to high grip carpet you need more specialized equipment to take advantage of the super high grip conditions- this is what John Cravotta at Team Scream Racing has discovered.

Co-developed with John, Exotek Racing brings to you the next evolution of carpet chassis that has been secretly dominating a few East Coast tracks. This chassis is optimized for maximum corner speed with the battery forward weight bias and super low center of gravity design.

And because all carpet tracks are not the same, the battery position is modular to allow for max forward to mid forward battery weight positioning. The inline positioning also can be easily moved forward or back thanks to the adjustable locking lipo slider system.

The lipo hold also doubles as a secure alloy fan mount, positioning the fan for maximum flow through the motor.

In addition, the 4mm thick carbon chassis brace doubles as the lipo strap for secure shorty pack holding (add foam spacers if using an LCG pack).

  • 3mm thick heavy duty main chassis, super narrow profile for reduced dragging on the ground with slotted mid section for motor cooling.
  • 1.5mm thick carbon side rails to reduce overall weight.
  • Heavy duty 7075 alloy servo mount accepts low profile or standard servos.
  • Carbon battery hold rails.

  • Required to Complete:
  • AE B6.3 or B6.2 roller (not for the B6.4)
  • Specifications:

  • Use optional Lexan sections and velcro for body holding (m2 hardware is included).
  • For experienced hobbyists only.
  • A 30mm wide ESC is recommended for the inline battery position shown.