Exotek Racing - 22 5.0 Alloy Drag Gear Box Set with Motor Plate & Tower

Exotek Racing

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SKU: EXO2088

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High performance heavy duty gear box with motor plate, shock tower, and alloy idler gear set for TLR 22 5.0-3.0 drag racing builds. All alloy gearbox construction keeps your gears in perfect alignment for true mesh and no gearbox flexing, which causes binding at high RPM's.

-Direct bolt on for the TLR 22 5.0-3.0 series (not for the Losi 22S).

-Raised diff setting for improved CVD axle angles (flatter axles for less binding and more RPMs), +1mm higher diff than on the 5.0 laydown gearbox's highest setting.

-Extra long slotted motor plate for larger gearing range options.

-Heavy duty alloy motor plate design to minimize flex (unlike carbon fiber) to maintain proper gear mesh.

-4mm thick carbon fiber tower with optimized geometry for proper ride height and shock angles (using firmer front 22 springs with the stock rear shocks is recommended).

-Shock tower is drilled out to accept optional Exotek pro body mount plate #2066 or the stock wing mount with #1957

-Hard anodized 7075 alloy idler gear for better durability.

-Higher layshaft position, than the stock lay down gear box, to accept larger spur gears.

-Compatible with the #1961 Wheelie Bar set.

Sold as a left and right gear case with motor plate, 4mm carbon fiber shock tower and alloy idler gear.