Exotek Racing - Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wheelie Bar Set, for B6.1-B6.2

Exotek Racing

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Extra long adjustable carbon fiber wheelie bar for the B6.1 - B6.2 series of AE cars (not for the B5, DR10 or original B6).

Extends from 9.5" to 11.75" (axle to axle) to match your race event rules.

The longer bar gives you more stability, for straighter and faster passes without needing to let off the throttle as often.

You are able to finely adjust the wheel height via the 4mm turnbuckle or make large adjustments by adding spacers under the wheel (M3 spacers not included).

Made of heavy duty 3mm carbon fiber with alloy turnbuckles and mounts and includes a ball raced machined alloy wheel with oversized rubber o-ring tire.

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