Exotek Racing - FF77 FWD Chassis Conversion, for Tamiya TA07 kits

Exotek Racing

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Lightweight carbon fiber pro FWD conversion chassis set for the Tamiya TA07.

Our new go fast competitor in the hot FWD/FF touring car segment!

Designed with a modern mid/front motor placement for improved balance and cornering speeds, the FF77 has remarkable agility and able to carve corners and carry more speed on medium to high grip tracks.

The motor, servo, steering racks and battery is placed as centrally forward as possible to maintain on power traction yet creates a low moment of inertia for quicker transitioning through corners.

Features include;

Heavy duty 1 piece alloy servo mount.

4 bearinged alloy steering rack with crush sleeves- ultra precise operation.

Heavy duty S3M348 aramid fwd short belt.

Adjustable battery mount set- allows easy weight bias adjustments for forward or back shorty battery placement.

Highly adjustable carbon battery cups- extra lightweight with lipo posts and tabs.

1 piece 7075 alloy motor mount is 4gr lighter than stock and lowers the pulley by 3mm and the motor by 1mm for even lower center of gravity and anodized black for improved heat dissipation.

The top plate does not connect to the motor plate thus insuring front to rear chassis flex for improved on power off power traction just like mid motor 4wd tc's.

USA 2.0mm carbon fiber lower plate- narrower than the stock chassis for improved cornering.

USA 2.0mm carbon fiber 1 piece upper plate for reduced tweak.

Belt tensioner- prevents belt skipping without having to over tension the belt for cooler motor temps.

Stainless steering posts.

Steering turnbuckles, hardware, instructions and our set up sheet included.

TA07 kit and shorty lipo is required.

Not for the TA07MS.