Exotek Racing - Camber Savers 4mm, 1 pair for D413, RB6, ZX6, XB2 series

Exotek Racing

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Don't risk costly and time consuming stripped holes in your plastic bulkheads- use these anchored camber saver plates to lock in your camber ball ends and help keep them from pulling out in hard side impacts. The alloy plates acts as a 2mm roll center washer but adds the special mounting hole to anchor the plate down in addition to the ball end- in effect doubling the strength of the bulkhead hole.
The plates acts a 2mm roll center spacer so simply add more washers on top to change roll centers.
Includes 2 black alloy camber saver plates with 2 steel mounting screws for use in bulkheads with 4mm hole spacing.

Cars with 4mm camber hole spacing includes: