Castle Creations - 1721 Motor, .5Y Sensored Brushless Motor

Castle Creations

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SKU: CSE060-0091-00

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Ideal for running up to 8s LiPo in 1:8 and 1:7 scale vehicles, the mechanical design boasts a stainless-steel sleeve to reinforce and strengthen the rotor for high RPM operation. Coupled with a massive 8mm stainless steel motor shaft, 8.0mm bullets and high strand, low resistance, silicone coated 8 gauge copper wire, the 1721-2400Kv will deliver massive power and maximum top end speed.


  • Ideal for extreme speed and drag setups running up to 8s LiPo in 1:8 and 1:7 scale vehicles.
  • Minimum Input Voltage: 4s LiPo
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 8s LiPo (33.6V)
  • Specifications:

  • Size: Diameter: 1.87" (47.6mm) at fins, 46mm at can. Length: 101.2mm
  • Weight (w/wires): 816.4g (28.8oz)
  • Shaft Size: Length: 22mm Diameter: 8mm
  • Mounting Hole Specifications: M3 and M4 @ 25.4mm (1")
  • Connectors: 8mm male bullets on 8 gauge wire