Corally - Voltax 120C LiPo Battery 4200Mah 7.4V LCG Shorty 2S 4mm Bullet


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Type of case: Shorty Hard Case
Weight (g): 170-184 g
LiPo Type: LI-HV
Battery Configuration: 2S2P
Voltage (V): 7,6 V
Capacity (mAh): 4200 mAh
Length (mm): 95 mm
Capacity Range (mAh): 4200 mAh
Width (mm): 47 mm
Cont. C Rate: 120C
Height (mm): 22 mm
Cont. Current (A): 50,4 Ah
Competition Approved: EFRA - BRCA
Max charge C rate: 3C
Max. Charge Current (A): 12.6 A
Power Connector: 4mm Bullit
Type of connector: 4mm Bullit
Balance connector: 2mm Bullit