Corally - Chassis Brace Kit - Xtreme - Fits all Corally 1/8 Monster Truck Models - 1 Set


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SKU: COR00180-910

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The Xtreme chassis brace kit connects the front shock tower to the center differential mounts and to the rear shock tower.

This brace increases overall torsional stiffness and significantly strengthens the chassis to reduce deflection under extreme loads and hard landings.

The kit comes with all the necessary parts, screws nuts to mount it on the following Team Corally models:

COR00165 Dementor XP 6S
COR00166 Jambo XP
COR00167 Dementor XP 6S 2021
COR00170 Kronos XP 6S
COR00171 Punisher XP 6S
COR00172 Kronos XP 6S 2021
COR00173 Kronos XTR
COR00175 Shogun XP 6S
COR00177 Shogun XP 6S 2021

Product Manual
Product Manual - Buggy - MT Addendum
Product Manual - Truggy Addendum