Corally - 1/8 SSX-823 On Road Pan Car Chassis Kit (No Body, Motor, Tires or Electronics)


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The SSX-823 is the latest evolution of the accomplished SSX-8X design, which holds multiple national and international titles to its name. Every component of the SSX-823 has been scrutinized and reevaluated by our engineers to result in a Pan car-type chassis without equals. Countless days of rigorous testing by our talented test drivers and engineers have led to this specific design of the SSX-823, where weight savings have been prioritized, a revised chassis flex system guarantees perfect handling, and where enhanced drivetrain components have been used to better distribute available motor power. All components of the SSX-823 are manufactured from the highest quality composite nylon, carbon fiber, aluminum, and various metals for an extreme level of precision and consistency. In summary, the SSX-823 is an outstanding 1/8 on-road race car. The competition has already been stunned at initial race events, where the SSX-823 prototypes immediately took the top places.
A winner straight from the box, the Team Corally SSX-823 is designed by racers for racers!

Please Note: This item is pictured assembled with electronics and tires for illustration purposes only. ITEM IS AN UNASSEMBLED KIT. ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE ELECTRONICS, TIRES, OR BODY.

  • Premium LCG design

  • Perfectly balanced

  • Aerospace quality carbon fiber

  • Adjustable chassis flex

  • Convenient racing features

  • Adjustable ackermann

  • New thinner 7075-T6 bulkheads

  • Quick release front and rear axle

  • Extra smooth, low friction belt drive

  • Precision front CVD driveshafts

  • Front one way

  • 32DP spur gear

  • Composite axle bearing inserts

  • Accepts industry standard foam tires

  • Required to Complete: Radio System, Servo, Motor, ESC, Battery, Battery Charger, and Assembly