Carisma - MSA-1E 2.0 Subaru Brat 1/24 4WD RTR Crawler


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The MSA-1E 2.0 Platform - More Torque, More Fun & Better Drivability

The MSA- 1E 2.0 brings to the table an upgraded gearbox with 25% Lower gearing and specially developed larger 130 size MSA-1E Crawler Spec Brushed Motor. This motor offers an almost unstoppable 46% increase In torque over industry standard 1/24th brushed motors, a 10,000 lower RPM range for better low RPM finesse, and an increased operating voltage range of 3-8.4v.

This all combines to create an emphasis on low RPM drivability and throttle finesse. The 2.0 platform offers both power and control, which are two essential factors in elevating the experience of driving the rig. The platform has undergone hundreds of hours of real world testing to find the perfect balance.

When combined with the unique CTX 2000 Transmitter's '1,2,3' throttle profile switch, drivers of all ages and abilities can now to push themselves (and the MSA-1E platform) further than ever before. It doesn't matter if you are Trail Running, Rock Crawling, or simply Fun Bashing in the lounge or garden, anything's possible with the new MSA-1E 2.0.


  • Fully Licensed Subaru Body
  • 130 Sized High Torque Motor (with Stall/Overload Protection Circuit)
  • 43mm Mini All Terrain Super Scale (ATSS) Soft Compound Tyres
  • Gearbox and Transmission, offering Higher Torque, better Low RPM throttle finesse, and an overall Gear Ratio of 81.25:1
  • Shock Springs, for improved chassis tuning and articulation in use