Bandai - Sol Gravion ("Bari"ation) Model Kit, fro "Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei", Sen-Ti-Nel Metamor-Force


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'MASAMI OBARI x SENTINEL style! Gravion of Sun appears! There are a lot of gimmicks in this toy, such as taking out the chestplate to form Super Heavy Sword and adjusting the length of Sol Graviton Cannons equipped on the shoulder etc. With the use of clear parts and die-cast, quality is further enhanced. The four Sol Grandivas can merge to form the giant battleship mode "G Gradius" by using the big Geo Mirage part included in the set. Furthermore, display stand specially designed for "G Gradius" is also included. The Grankaiser included in this product will be a brand new version born by special modification of mould and application of extra spray work. A "Sol Gravion" which can be called the definitive version is finally completed!


  • Approx Product Size: Product size: Approx 8"
  • Approx Package size: Package size: Approx 16.5 x4.7 x 11.811 in