Bandai - Trychaser 2000 "Kamen Rider Kuuga", Bandai Spirits Hobby Figure-Rise Standard


$ 45.00 
SKU: BAN2575555

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The "Trychaser 2000" is now available in Figure-rise Standard! You will appreciate all the attention to detail this model offers including matte plating to create a metallic feel, the adoption of springs, and precision molding. Other details include cable wires and tire tread patterns. It not only looks like a motorcycle, but acts like one too with rotating wheels and a mounted spring on the swing arm. The initial type control panel that can be attached to the center of the handle bar, as well is the tri-accelerator. A dedicated pedestal allows for display options including riding. Combine this kit with the separately sold Kamen Rider Kuuga His Mighty Form to recreate spectacular angles and poses.

Includes: Plastic Parts Runners, Control Panel (1), Tri-accelerator (1), Handle Grip (left/right), Dedicated Pedestal (1), Rear Suspension Spring (1), Lead Wire (1), Marking Sticker (1), Foil Seal (1)

Recommended: Parts sprue tree nippers