Team Associated - RC10B74 Factory Team LTC Differential Rebuild Set, Metal

Team Associated

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From Factory Team are LTC (low torque capacity) gear sets for the RC10B74 series buggies. Available in metal and plastic variants, these gear sets increase the drivability and traction of the Team Associated B74. The design of high tooth count and smaller teeth allows for smoother differential action that won't lock on power. These gear sets come with the gears and shims needed for one differential.

Test drivers report that with the new LTC gear sets installed in the diffs, the car tracks straight out of turns while allowing the car to rotate more freely in tight turns.

Recommended starting diff oils for dirt and clay are 15k (#5447) front, 200k (#5461) center, 10k (#5455) rear. Recommended starting diff oils for carpet and Astro turf are 20k (#5456) front, 15k (#5447) rear.