Team Associated - RC8B3 Factory Team Steel Flywheel, 4-shoe

Team Associated

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RC8B3 FT 4-shoe steel flywheel is a direct replacement for the standard #81370 RC8B3 aluminum 4-shoe flywheel. The steel flywheel is heavier than the aluminum flywheel and increases the overall rotating mass of the clutch assembly. This offers a more stable engine idle and a smoother bottom end throttle feel.

#81463 RC8B3 FT 4-shoe Steel Flywheel = ~36 grams
#81370 RC8B3.1 4-shoe Aluminum flywheel = ~12 grams

Fits all RC8B3 and RC8T3 series vehicles and .21 off-road nitro engines.

#81463 contents:
qty 1 Flywheel, 4 Shoe Clutch
qty 1 Brass Collet, 4 Shoe Clutch

Requires these parts:
Flywheel Nut #81372
Clutch Shoe Pins #81373
Clutch Shoes #81402/81375
Clutch Springs #81365
Clutch Bell 13T #81374
Shims #89148
Bearings #91560
Washers #89218
Screw #89223