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Team Associated - RC8B3e V2 Differential Set, Front, Center, and Rear - Hobby Recreation Products

Team Associated - RC8B3e V2 Differential Set, Front, Center, and Rear

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The engineers behind the doors of Area 51 started with a new internal bevel gear set to make the strongest tooth form with optimal fluid shear characteristics, ensuring long life and the broadest working spectrum for almost all track conditions. The outdrives have been re-worked to make for a perfect bearing surface for smooth differential action under any load. The diff case and inserts were tooled for the ultimate in precision, giving proper gear backlash every time. Hardened steel, straight-cut bevel gears or spurs cap the system off for one of the most efficient drivetrains in the industry.


  • Optimized internal bevel gear set has high torque capacity as well as superor fluid shear rates over a broad working spectrum
  • Precision molded diff case provides proper gear mesh for consistent builds and reduced fluid contamination
  • Hardened steel outdrives have precision bearing surfaces for smooth diff action under any load
  • Highly efficient straight-cut ring gears improve acceleration and fuel economy
  • Precision composite spur gear with optimized geometry extends life and provides smooth power delivery