Align R/C - G3-5D GIMBAL


Align G3-5D gimbal features an advanced control system with superior computational power. The highly integrated design allows for quick conversion between multicopter use and hand held use. Adjustable balance point on all 3 axis for greater camera compatibility, while the high precision brushless motors provide excellent agility and stability. Built in HDMI/AV converter and RC receiver connectivity. Supports programmability through PC interface, or connectivity to iOS/Android smartphones through Bluetooth. Equipped with automatic calibration function during power up. Supports single RC transmitter mode through APS-M, or independent remote control of the gimbal through a dedicated RC transmitter, as well as remote shutter trigger and video start/stop control to capture the optimal footage through precise framing.

Camera List:
  • Canon - 500D, 550D, 60D, 5D2/3
  • Panasonic - GH 3 / 4
  • Sony - A65
  • Nikon - D5300, D600, D610, D7100

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