SANWA - Sanwa MT-S Special Edition Piano Black 4-channel Transmitter w/ RX-482 Receiver - no servos


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'-SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) function which can be adjusted from Radio to the corresponding devices directly
-LCD backlight for even better readability
-Super fast F.H.S.S.-4 technology
-Antenna integrated into the handle
-High-quality case and workmanship
-Menu selection with scroll wheel
-Telemetry (displays motor temperature, RPM and receiver voltage during operation)
-Telemetry Logging -Data logger: up to 120 measuring points during the run
-Direct Model Select
-Dual Rate, Expo, Trim/Sub Trim, Servo Reverse and Endpoint Adjustment
-Adjustable servo operation speed
-Anti-Lock Braking System
-18 model memory
-Compatible with older receivers due to changeable modulation (FH2/FH3/FH4T) -Adjustable spring tension for steering and throttle
-Adjustable Throttle Trigger
-Programmable Low Voltage Alarm
-Timer function

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