Quest Rockets - Astra III Value Pack (25 rockets)

Quest Rockets

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Bright, bold and rugged, the Astra III is one of Quest's best selling rockets. Part of the QUICK KIT family, it features a unique all molded plastic fin can assembly. It is a great kit for groups who have already built one of our skill level one rockets with a one-piece molded fin unit like the Viper. It requires a little more skill to assemble, but still goes together easy enough. In a group building session, Astra III can be built in about 45 minutes.

Uses Quest A6-4, B6-4 and C6-5 rocket motors. It can also be flown with Estes A8-3, B6-4 and C6-5 rocket motors.

Perfect for schools, youth groups, Civil Air Patrol, 4H, and Scouting Space Exploration Merit Badge requirements.

Compare to Estes E2X rocket kits such as No. 1262 Cosmic Cobra and No. 2168 Metalizer.