Quest Rockets - Big Betty Model Rocket Kit-Skill Level 1

Quest Rockets

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As the older and slightly more experienced cousin of the Quest Bright Hawk model rocket, the Quest Big Betty is a classic model rocket kit featuring balsa wood fins and the largest diameter body tube in the Level I product line. This is one of Quest's most popular model rockets - so if you're looking for a nice big rocket that flies like a dream... look no further!

The Quest Big Betty uses Quest A6-4, B6-4 and C6-5 rocket motors. It can also be flown with Estes A8-3, B6-4 and C6-5 rocket motors.

Perfect for schools, youth groups, Civil Air Patrol, 4H, and Scouting Space Exploration Merit Badge requirements.

Comparable to Estes No.1948 Big Bertha.


  • Weight: 4oz